Would you like to see LuckPool change its payment scheme to PPLNT?
What is a fair time period requirement? (51%, 33%, 25%)

More can be read about how PPLNT works here Issue #127
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Komodo Pool GPU Port 3857
3 Miners
3 Workers
383.45 Sol/s
Luck 3.288 Days
Zcash Pool GPU Port 3357
7 Miners
12 Workers
1.24 KSol/s
Luck 172.677 Days
Zclassic Pool GPU Port 3557
5 Miners
6 Workers
7.31 KSol/s
Luck 0.394 Days

Zcash Stratum Mining Pool (1% pool fee + Miner's Jackpot Fee*).
Zclassic Stratum Mining Pool (1% pool fee).
Komodo Stratum Mining Pool (1% pool fee).

Pool Features

  • KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple) low fee (1%) PPLNS anonymous mining pool.
  • Block payments begin after 100 confirmations for generated coins to mature.
  • No Account Required! Use your address as your username.
  • Block Transaction Fee Rewards are paid to miners.
  • Optimized Variable Diff Pool

*Miner's Jackpot Fee (Zcash Only)

  • 1 ZEC (8%) of the Zcash block reward is reserved for the block miner.
  • This leaves (9 ZEC + tx fee rewards - pool fee) to be split between all miners.

Minimum Payments

  • Komodo Min Payout is 0.1 per miner.
  • Zclassic Min Payout is 0.01 per miner.
  • Zcash Min Payout is 0.001 per miner.

Pool Compatibility

Loyalty Rewards

  • LuckPool enthusiast sometimes mines to fellow miner addresses as a loyalty incentive.
  • If you spot a worker name of `loyalty_reward`, enjoy the extra hashrate from your fellow miner!